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As If Music Could Do No Harm

As I emphasized in my column, the situation of gays in Russia should not be equated with that of Jews in Nazi Germany—or that of gays in Nazi Germany, for that matter. Nonetheless, it’s disturbing to see the recurrence of the kind of cloudy self-justification that many German musicians once practiced. Gergiev insists that anti-gay legislation in Russia has no bearing on his leadership of the Mariinsky Theatre. He does not discriminate; therefore, gay activists should have no problem with him. Similarly, Strauss believed that anti-Jewish legislation in Nazi Germany should not have affected his relationship with Zweig, because he considered his own behavior blameless. “Be a good boy, forget Moses,” Strauss wrote to Zweig. But Zweig could not forget Moses.- Alex Ross
Full New Yorker article here.

Boris Karloff as The Monster having some coffee on the set.

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August in the studio

Studio wall with Paper Moon collages

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