Sunday, September 28, 2008

I like pink. You got a problem with that?

Bigert & Bergstom's Bubble gum pink

Franz West at Mass Moca

Philip Guston

Gelatin's 200 foot rabbit

Charles Long with Stereo Lab

Pink: The Exposed Color in Contemporary Art
"Pink: things tender, eccentric, sweet, fragile, and delectable are affiliated with this pastel color. Few colors trigger more contradictory associations and emotions, so that artists of all hues-from Jean-Honoré Fragonard and William Turner to Pablo Picasso, Louise Bourgeois, and Franz West - have studied it in their works. Reactions to pink are determined by various factors, such as one's cultural background. There is a positive perception of pink in Japan, for example, where every year people contemplate the pink blossoms of the cherry trees and the leaves which, after just a few days, drift like snow to the ground-symbolic for the death of the samurai, who falls in the bloom of youth. This book features works by about fifty international artists, as well as numerous everyday objects, and was conceived by artist and art professor Barbara Nemitz."

Friday, September 26, 2008



Made by the folks at Yee Haw. A little pricey at $250 (if I had that much $ I'd give it to Obama's campaign). But super funny.

Speaking of giving to Obama... my favorite potter Ayumi Horie is doing a fundraiser for the campaign from her online store.

On Oct 15th , she'll be posting a fundraising show for the Obama/Biden campaign featuring limited edition Obama/Biden ceramics.
Participating Artists
Dan Anderson, Chadwick Augustine,
Andy Brayman, John Byrd,
Steven Colby, Michael Corney,
Josh DeWeese, Diana Fayt,
Donna Flanery, Julia Galloway,
Ayumi Horie, Janice Jakielski,
Kathy King, Michael Kline,
Beth Lo, Kirk Mangus,
Alleghany Meadows, Jeffry Mitchell,
Jill Oberman, Jess Parker,
Ron Philbeck, Elizabeth Robinson
and Shoko Teruyama

This is going to be good and probably sell out within minutes!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008

Richard Wentworth is a nice man.

'Guide'- (for obvious reasons. One of my favorites pieces of his. A childrens boot inside an adult boot.)

'Yellow Eight '

Richard Wentworth has played a leading role in New British Sculpture since the late 70s. He came to the Fort Worth Modern this week to lecture about his work and is in a show at TCU's new gallery space: Fort Worth Contemporary Arts. My friend Richard studied with him so I had the pleasure of dining with him and talking to him a little. His sculpture talks about the notion of objects and their use in our our day-to-day lives. By transforming and manipulating industrial and/or found objects, he subverts their original function and extends our understanding of them by breaking the conventional classification. A large part of his lecture was not only talking about images of his sculpture, but also showing photographs of objects he encounters unexpectedly in his day to day life and the relationship between these images and his work. It was a wonderful lecture that felt like an extension of his work. A poetic vision.

Monday, September 15, 2008

sugar mountain...shit creek...

Having a hard time in the studio. Things are at the place where it could be great or fall flat and there is no way it can fall flat since the show is in December. So panic has struck! Working today on the creek... which is why I have the top image for inspiration, maybe my Pinkerton's slogan (bottom image) is becoming true and this panic attack is just too little sleep?

Friday, September 5, 2008

MET Blog:mode addressing fashion

Found these 2 dresses and much much more on the MET's Blog Mode: addressing fashion. The 1st dress is a pink fiberglass and pink nylon tulle dress by Hussein Chalayan. Concept paired with attention to material and technique.
The last 2 images are a Junya Watanabe design which I love. Most of his work interests me for its connection, exaggeration, and distortion to the body. These 2 designers seem to embody the 2 poles I am thinking about in the studio lately.
"That this “imperfection” is built into the dress is a manifestation of the designer’s subtly “twisted” and subversive ideal of imperfect beauty."

Splendid Table marathon.

I've been doing a Splendid Table podcast marathon in my studio. Nothing better to sew by than Lynne Rossetto Kasper's voice and a show that's all about the details of food.