Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lily Hanson and Dan Perfect opening Friday in Dallas!

Lily Hanson

Dan Perfect

I am sorry to say I will be missing all of the fall openings in Dallas. Lily Hanson has some great small pieces at AND/OR gallery. Noah got me 2 cakelike sculptures for my birthday that I just love. She is a good friend but also a fabulous artist so go support her and the gallery. At RoadAgent Dan Perfect is in from London. I've seen the show and his drawings and 4 paintings look great in the space. Also for those who are curious about my show there next month...there are a few small previews in the form of a hairy eyed arsenal in the back room...go, see, get excited and please come back in Dec!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hairy Folk, Hypertrichosis

Alice Doherty
Daughter of Petrus Gonzalez?

Hypertrichosis or werewolf syndrome is a medical term referring to excessive body hair. Hair doesn't usually cover the eye area, hands or the feet. It can be severe. In most cases, the term is used to refer to an above-average amount of unwanted body hair.
I've being looking a lot at individuals with this condition for my work in the studio. Alice is of particular interest because there is not much known about her and most pictures are with her at a young age surrounded by family. In a domestic settings as opposed to in the circus or part of some spectacle.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Laurie Anderson's HOMELAND

"Picures were everywhere and
pictures began to replace things"

On Sunday I saw Laurie Anderson's HOMELAND. Remembering how important it is to actually go and see things as opposed to just reading about them.
Homeland is following in the footsteps of United States, The Nerve Bible and Songs and Stories for Moby Dick. A cross between a beautiful epic poem and music concert, HOMELAND is about "21st-century American obsessions with security, distance, information, the relationship of fear and freedom, the increasing acceptance of violence and the persistent new language of war".

It was an amazing concert. Lou Reed (whom she's been with forever but recently married) came out and did the last few songs with her including a beautiful duet called "The Lost Art of Conversation". I was aware of her but to see her in person, and at such a political time in our country (on the SMU campus no less) was a terrific birthday present. A favorite moment was when Lou Reed shuffled out in a tight black robot tee that emphasized his belly... clearly not better than Laurie Anderson's HOMELAND itself, but pretty great.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Obama Ware Update!!!

Beth Lo

Ayumi Horie

Janice Jakielski

Ayumi has posted a preview of some of the ware that will go on sale. Not only do you support the Obama campaign, but you get a mug too... now that's what I call patriotic!

Unfortunetly with all the excitement Ayumi's site collapsed so instead bamaware will now be an auction on Ebay as soon as she gets it set up. Hopefully this Friday with a Buy It Now option and have the auction last 5 days.

Stay tuned!

Read more about the artists at:

Check out the great article:
Kitchen Table Politics: ‘Obamaware’ Campaigns for Change One Mug at a Time

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Adventures of Prince Achmed 1926

The Adventures of Prince Achmed is a 1926 feature-length animated film by the German animator Lotte Reiniger. It is the oldest surviving animated feature film and it features a silhouette animation technique Reiniger had invented which involved manipulated cutouts made from cardboard and thin sheets of lead under a camera. I thought it was an interesting blog follow up for anyone who has seen Kara Walkers short films. I'm guessing Walker was aware of this film long before me.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Kara Walker ends Oct 19th at the FWM!


Not only the first American museum survey of the work of Kara Walker, but also in the "deep south" (Fort Worth, TX). This exhibition is organized by Philippe Vergne, Deputy Director and Chief Curator, and Yasmil Raymond, Assistant Curator, at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, in close collaboration with the artist. They've also put together a beautiful catalog for the exhibition. My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love has works ranging from Walker’s well known black cut-paper silhouettes to her new film animations. Plus more than one hundred works on paper and is so thoughtfully curated and powerful that I had to go 3 times and wish I was able to go back again. I was lucky enough to hear Philippe Vergne give a walk through of the exhibit, as well as Kara Walker herself lecture about the work. But the most informative and interesting event in connection to the show had to be a panel with Robert Storr, and 2 academic lawyers. They have pod casts of all the events and suggest you make time for them all. But if you had to choose 1, I would choose the panel. So if you haven't gone I can not recommend it enough and if you don't live here or know her work then look her up. Art:21 on PBS has a great 15 minute episode on their website about her.
Time is running out at the Modern in Fort Worth so go see it! The exhibit is a personal, powerful, violent, haunting, and thought provoking look at race in American history and probably one of the most affective bodies of work I've ever seen.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Women Against Sarah Palin

On Wednesday, September 3, an email was sent out to 40 friends and colleagues asking them to respond to Sarah Palin’s candidacy as Vice President of the United States. They forwarded the letter to their friends across America. To date, they have received more than 170,000 responses from women of all ages and backgrounds. This blog documents their voices.

Women against Sarah Palin's profile:
"We are not in the habit of criticizing women in the public sphere, as we usually feel we should support our female compatriots with as much encouragement as we can. However, Sarah Palin's record is anti-woman. Feminism is not simply about achieving the power and status typically held by men. It's about protecting and supporting the rights of women of all classes, races, cultures, and beliefs. Palin's record and beliefs do not align with this. She was chosen by John McCain specifically because he believes that American women will vote for any female candidate regardless of their qualifications. He is wrong."

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Low Low's do Dallas (Denton actually)

Go see my friend Parker's band The Low Lows.

October 3rd: The Beauty Bar in Austin
October 4th: Hailey's in Denton

Amy Halko's hands are in clay.

Don't you just love these bowls by Amy Halko? We had coffee this morning as our dogs made the strangest wrestling sounds around us. Brainstormed ideas about how to finally get my vintage and one of a kind store up and running. The idea is stronger than ever and I am fortunate to know many strong artists like Amy and Jaime Jo Fisher whose work I'd like to feature.