Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gregg Bordowitz: walls and wounds...

Gregg Bordowitz is a film and video maker and writer who teaches at SAIC in Chicago. He spoke what was more of a performance tonight at SMU. Truly engaging he made me want to read all of the theory that I have been avoiding since grad school. Maybe I'll start by learning more about his work... Click here to listen to episode 91 of the Chicago based BAD AT SPORTS: Gregg Bordowitz and David Getsy on “queer�?

Looks like we made it...



Who: Sculpture class
What: Abstracted Body Part Hard/Soft
How: Using plaster and thrift store stuffed animals
Why: Such a great class. Capable of such great results. So from top to bottom we have legs, expressed lungs, and hemorroids!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Art crush. Collier Schorr.

My art crush of the week is Collier Schorr. The images I've posted are from her Wrestling series, you can see an obvious link in how I am thinking these days. Her work is poetic, beautiful, and dare I say effeminate.

Friday, March 20, 2009

2 very different views of the world

Saw both The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke (2008) and Nacho Libre starring Jack Black (2006) this week. Both very good, but oh so different.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Karinne Keithley

A bit underwhelmed with myself and the world today. Thought my friend Karinne and her Fancy Stitch Machine could help me out. I was right, she did and so did her letter to ur.

"Karinne Keithley has been done lots. Right now she is working on a doctorate in English at the ex-department store of the sun, that is the megalopolis' own CUNY Grad Center. Her purpose there is genealogical and philosophical toward being a good living documentarian/participant of the New York City communities she's been a part of for the last ten years--dance, performance, theater, writing. Esoteric edges of.

Besides scholarship and teaching, her life lies in the gift economy for which she writes new plays, makes movies on a very small scale, makes sounds, and publishes books through the 53rd State Press. This website and its future interior ferney, are the steadiest venues for these projects.

After a few years off performance, she is returning to the boards.
praise be to creatures and especially clover la blanc"

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black

Represented at Deitch Projects in NY and in the 2008 Whitney Biennial. Here's a utube link to a performance.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Faux crochet

Found this image on one of my new read's:
Hand painted these are inspired by her friend Margie's real rocks encased in crochet, how could I not love them.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

gerda steiner and jorg lenzlinger

Swiss artists Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger make installations that mix the natural with the synthetic. Each site-specific project is rooted equally in fantasy and allegory. To me the work references Grimm's fairly tales filled with beauty as well as a darkness.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

histrionics and such

–noun (used with a singular or plural verb)
1. dramatic representation; theatricals; acting.
2. behavior or speech for effect, as insincere or exaggerated expression of an emotion; dramatics; operatics: Cut out the histrionics—we know you're not really mad.
Origin: 1860–65; see histrionic Unabridged
Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2009.

People with this disorder are overly dramatic and intensely expressive, egocentric, highly reactive, and excitable. The characteristic behaviour seems to have the purpose of calling attention to oneself. Other features of this disorder may include emotional and interpersonal superficiality as well as socially inappropriate interpersonal behaviour.

Pronunciation: \his-ˈter-ē-ə, -ˈtir-\
Etymology: New Latin, from English hysteric, adjective, from Latin hystericus, from Greek hysterikos, from hystera womb; from the Greek notion that hysteria was peculiar to women and caused by disturbances of the uterus Date:1801

1 : a psychoneurosis marked by emotional excitability and disturbances of the psychic, sensory, vasomotor, and visceral functions 2 : behavior exhibiting overwhelming or unmanageable fear or emotional excess

Circassian Beauties



Circassian beauties, or Moss-haired Girls as they were sometimes known, reflect a curious legacy of racial stereotyping and sexual titillation. Racial theories of the mid 19th century held that the people living in the Circassian mountains near the Black Sea were examples of the purest stock of the Caucasian race. Legend had it that the Circassians produced the worlds most beautiful white women, who were consequently in great demand for the hairem. o...R Turkish sultans.