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Studio detail...

Mourning Brooches

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yohji yamamoto
christina for 10 (2008)
photography sarah moon
future beauty: 30 years of japanese fashion
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fall–winter 2000–2001, undercoverism
future beauty: 30 years of japanese fashion via: cotonblanc

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Queer State(s) Symposium saturday at UT's VAC

This symposium brings together scholars and critics to discuss a variety of themes connected to the exhibition Queer State(s). Participants from the UT community include Lisa Moore, Associate Professor of English; Ixchel Rosal, Director of the Gender and Sexuality Center; Risa Puleo, Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art at the Blanton Museum of Art; and Andy Campbell and Chelsea Weathers, both PhD candidates in Art History. In addition, other participants will include Nathan Lee, an independent curator and critic from New York, Leah Devun, a Faculty Fellow at Stanford University and an Associate Professor of History at Rutgers University, and Jonathan D. Katz, director of the Doctoral Program in Visual Studies at the University at Buffalo and co-founder of the activist group Queer Nation, San Francisco and the Queer Caucus of the College Art Association. Click here for official schedule.

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Vivre Sa Vie - Nana's Dance - Ana Karina

Karla Black

Platonic Solid (detail) 2009, Plaster powder, powder paint, sugar paper, chalk, lipstick 

Visit Saatchi website for more...

Made To Wait, 2009
Cellophane, sellotape, paint, toothpaste, hair gel, nail varnish, moisturising cream

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Alice Neel

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Scarlett Hooft

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Thank you!

To all who came out and sent wishes from afar. I love this photo of some of my students from UT!

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spring 2012 CdG