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Franz West saddness.... 1947-2012

 NYTIMES obituary here.

Marxism at 303

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RIP Chris Marker

Guardian obituary.

Dieter Roth

Dieter Roth (1930 - 1998). Solo Scenes, 1997/1998
128 Video monitors with VCRs, three wooden shelves, 131 VHS-tapes, two shelving units
Installation view at 48. Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy (1999)
Photo: Heini Schneebeli. Courtesy Hauser & Wirth
Dieter Roth (1930 - 1998). Notebook, 1967 (detail)
Hardcover leatherbound diary with drawings, coloured sketches, collages
© Dieter Roth Estate. Courtesy Hauser & Wirth
Dieter Roth (1930 - 1998). Solo Scenes, 1997/1998 (video still)
128 Video monitors with VCRs, three wooden shelves, 131 VHS-tapes, two shelving units
© Dieter Roth Estate. Courtesy Hauser & Wirth

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Jeffry Mitchell

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Mark Dion

Tar and Feathers- 1996


For all the women warriors...

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Pretty excited about this...

"never let the blood show"- charles eames

Eames: The Architect and the Painter

blog love: Underground New York Public Library

Via: underground new york public library

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rereading atwood

“There's blood, a taste I remember. It tastes of orange popsicles, penny gumballs, red licorice, gnawed hair, dirty ice.”

“Today on the way home, it snows. Big, soft caressing flakes fall onto our skin like cold moths; the air fills with feathers.”
Margaret Atwood, Cat's Eye


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Roni Horn

H&W, Roni Horn, Untitled#4, 1998

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Judex (1963)

French remake of a 1914 serial involving a crime fighter who uses masks and deception to right wrongs and such.

yayoi kusama on the street

Video linked here.

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Francesca Woodman

Esther's Pillow: The Tar and Feathering of Margaret Chambers

The year is 1911. Margaret Chambers returns home to teach in the one-room school house of her youth. Trouble brews quickly. The God-fearing citizens of this small town feel threatened and she needs to be put in her place. The men devise a plan. But fueled by whiskey and the shame of their own desires, their plan soon spins out of control. In one night of violence, they ambush her and tar and feather her. After the men are arrested, a long, painful trial begins - thrusting the Kansas town into the national spotlight. Based on a true story.

Tar and Feather

'The Bostonians Paying the Excise Man'1774 Library of Congress
Via: historywiz.com
 A fictional depiction of this practice in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

tar and feather:
to coat (a person) with tar and feathers as a punishment or humiliation.

Alice Neel

Jose Romussi

More here... Thanks Lydia!

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Doris Day

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Rodarte's top 10 on the Criterion Collection

Fashion designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy, together named Rodarte after their mother’s maiden name, first showed their clothing line during fashion week in spring 2005. Criterion asked the sisters, whose clothes have been inspired by films in the Criterion Collection (from Late Spring to The Double Life of VĂ©ronique) to pick their ten favorite Criterion releases, and they happily obliged.

Rodarte States of Matter

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Ai WeiWei: Never Sorry