Thursday, February 7, 2013

An ugly carnival

A crowd jeers as a woman’s head is shaved during the liberation of Marseilles
Photograph: Carl Mydans/Time Life/Getty. Via and more at: The Gaurdian

"The 65th anniversary of the D-day landings is an occasion to revisit joyful pictures of the liberation of France in 1944. But among the cheering images there are also shocking ones. These show the fate of women accused of "collaboration horizontale". It is impossible to forget Robert Capa's fallen-Madonna image of a shaven-headed young woman, cradling her baby, implicitly the result of a relationship with a German soldier."
A French woman who conceived a baby with a German soldier, punished by having to have her head shaved as a form of humiliation for her acts. Her mother also was subjected to the punishment - June 1944