Tuesday, May 28, 2013

whitehot | April 2013: Jeffry Mitchell @ Henry Art Gallery

Jeffry Mitchell, Pickle Jar with Silver Elephants, 2007. Glazed earthenware with platinum luster.
Image courtesy of James Harris Gallery.
"Mitchell just wrapped up a retrospective, Like a Valentine, at University of Washington’s Henry Art Gallery, where marble halls were filled with twenty-five years’ worth of work in almost every medium imaginable. His oeuvre reflects his persona: positive, gregarious, Catholic, gay. The man has close-cut, snow-dappled hair, a gap-tooth smile, intoxicating blue eyes. The art he makes is equally intoxicating, trademarked by a pervasive, ejaculatory whiteness, frolicking, totemic
animals, and a sweetness darkly carnivalesque and sexual." READ MORE HERE...

ps. I heart Jeffry Mitchell