Tuesday, December 30, 2014


adjective: pale; comparative adjective: paler; superlative adjective: palest
  1. 1.
    light in color or having little color.
    "choose pale floral patterns for walls"
    synonyms:light, light-colored, pastel, muted, subtle, soft; More
    faded, bleached, washed out
    "pale colors"
    • (of a person's face or complexion) having less color than usual, typically as a result of shock, fear, or ill health.
      "she looked pale and drawn"
      synonyms:white, pallid, pasty, wan, colorless, anemic, bloodless, washed out, peaked, ashen, gray, whitish, white-faced, whey-faced, drained, sickly, sallow, as white as a sheet, deathly pale; More
      milky, creamy, cream, ivory, milk-white, alabaster;
      informallike death warmed over
      "she looked pale and drawn"
      antonyms:rosy, flushed
  2. 2.
    feeble and unimpressive.
    "unconvincing rock that came across as a pale imitation of Bruce Springsteen"
    synonyms:feeble, weak, insipid, bland, poor, inadequate; More
    uninspired, unimaginative, lackluster, spiritless, lifeless;
    "a pale imitation"
verb: pale; 3rd person present: pales; past tense: paled; past participle: paled; gerund or present participle: paling
  1. 1.
    become pale in one's face from shock or fear.
    "I paled at the thought of what she might say"
    synonyms:go/turn white, grow/turn pale, blanch, lose color More
    "his face paled"
  2. 2.
    seem less impressive or important.
    "all else pales by comparison"
    synonyms:decrease in importance, lose significance, pale into insignificance, fade into the background