Monday, April 20, 2015

Cher: Similar but Different

"When Chastity Bono's homosexuality was divulged to the world by a tabloid in 1990, she felt publicly crucified and called the outing "terrifying." Eight years later, with her book "Family Outing," she set out to make the coming out process a healthier, less agonizing one for other gay youth and their families...
Ironically enough, Bono's mother Cher, despite her flamboyance and shock-value, was most resistant to her daughter's sexual orientation. While dad Sonny, whom she told first, was extremely supportive and loving. Bono recalls her mother "going ballistic for a couple of days, but she came around quickly and we started to deal with it."
"For (my mother), it was very much of a parental thing," says Bono. "She would have liked a little girl who would have liked to play dress-up in her closet. I was not one of them. I think she had certain expectations, hopes and dreams of what her child's life would be, and she wanted it to be as smooth and easy as possible."
Nevertheless, when Sonny Bono became a Republican congressman from California, differing political views severed the bond between father and daughter. When he died in a skiing accident in January, Chastity had not seen or spoken to her father in over a year."- CNN