Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Final Installment of WE BELONG DEAD

“Frankenstein’s monster is monstrous because he lets history too far in, going so far as to embody it instead of merely feeling it…. He certainly emblematizes the passionate attachments to archival materials that were increasingly barred from historicist methodology as the nineteenth century progressed. But he also figures history’s ability to effect shifts in bodily constitution in ways that were increasingly demonized, problematized, or disavowed.”  --Elizabeth Freeman,
Time Bends: Queer Temporalities, Queer Histories (Durham: Duke University Press, 2010), 104.

"In Margaret Meehan's "WE BELONG DEAD" we considered the overlap of the beautiful and the monstrous, studying examples of that overlap in history and poetry. The issue ends with Chelsea Weathers' editor's statement and two excerpts: one from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1818), and the other from John Gardner's Grendel (1971)."
- The final installment of my artist project for Pastelegram. Check it out here.