Sunday, June 14, 2015

Jackie Henderson addresses a crowd of 500 at a Women’s Liberation rally at Nathan Phillips Square. Photographer: Reg. Innell, August 26, 1970
This rally at Nathan Phillips Square was one of a series of demonstrations by women supporting the goals of the Women’s Liberation Movement that took place across North America on August 26, 1970. The Toronto Star reported that women in New York, led by prominent feminist Betty Frieden, marched to New York’s Bryant Square where they burned underwear, birth control pills and sex manuals in trash cans. New York mothers left babies at city hall demanding child care centers. At the time, women belonging to the Women’s Liberation movement were seen by many Canadians as a radical group of bra-burners. Although the movement’s demands for equal employment opportunities with men, equal pay for work of equal value, universal child care, and freedom of choice on abortion are now accepted by the majority in Canadian society, many Canadians considered them radical concepts in the 1970s.